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No mortgage needed for up to 5 years! 

Rent to Buy

OURS2BUY are here to help first time buyers/poor credit rated buyers make that first step onto the property ladder.  This option will revolutionise the way landlords can continue to earn good income from their properties without all the expenses and hassle of ongoing maintenance/upkeep of their property.

Many people can afford a mortgage payment (as this is usually cheaper than renting) but cannot save enough money for the hefty deposit and are caught in the rental trap or living at home.

OURS2BUY have seen a gap in the market to help YOU, enabling tenant buyers to move into your own home immediately whilst saving for a mortgage deposit.

We recognise that due to the changes in legislation many landlords are looking to sell their properties but aren’t ready to give up that rental income immediately. The costs of maintaining their properties and meeting legislation changes means rental income has been drastically  reduced.

OURS2BUY can help landlords maintain that rental income whilst reducing their financial responsibility for their properties.

LANDLORDS -V – TENANTS – both winners 

Benefits to the Tenant Buyer

1.  Move in straight away.

2.  Add value to their home (undertaking pre-agreed home improvements).

3.  Fixed price from day one so you know what deposit you will need to save.

4.  Reduced monthly rental payments, allowing you to save the difference.

5.  Try before you buy – you have the right but not the obligation to buy.

6.  Time to improve credit rating over the agreed number of years of your contract.

7.  Signed contracts so the landlord cannot withdraw the property from you.

Benefits to the Landlord

1.  Peace of mind knowing your tenant is looking after your property and adding value.

2.  Save £1000’s on maintenance costs and utility certificates.

3.  Earn full rental income for a fixed period enabling you to budget your income.

4.  If the tenant defaults on the monthly payments the contract automatically defaults to an AST and they lose the option to buy.


Sounds simple – what happens next?

OURS2BUY uses a specialist solicitor (or you can pay for your own) to arrange contracts for the landlord and the tenant buyer.  To show us you are serious we ask for a £200 deposit to initiate the process and prior to moving into your property you will need to pay an option fee* (usually between 2-5% but is capped at £6,000) – this fee is deducted from the overall sale price at the end of the tenancy.


March 2021 – Move into 4 Bedroom semi-detached house, Southampton, agreed price in 5 years time £390,000.

£6,000 Option Fee* 

£1,400 rent per month (reduced from £1,500)

March 2026 – pay £384,000 to purchase your home (option fee deducted).

* Option Fee – if you change your mind and are not able to purchase your home you have the option to withdraw but the fee will not be refunded to you.

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Ours2buy is committed in ending the struggle of people unable to get onto the property ladder due to large deposits! We will be delivering opportunities to purchase properties over a number of years, meaning people will meet their dream homes! The contract is an OPTION, meaning at the end of the contract length it is your decision to purchase the property for the price agreed at the BEGINNING of the contract.