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We cover all minor maintenance to your property, these are outlined on our contract which includes:
Cosmetic repairs,
Furnishing the property,
Boiler and heating repairs,
Electrical repairs,
Safety certificates,
Garden maintenance and cleaning to keep the property up to standard.

We are very flexible with our contract lengths, however we typically like to take on a property for in between 2-7 years.

Here at SDM PROPERTY LTD we have many unique landlord services, we can either:

Take it on for another term under guaranteed rent,
Offering normal management of the property and find suitable tenants,
Tenant find only for your property and you take on the management,
Sell your property.

When we take on a property, we essentially become the landlord. Therefor you will not be in direct contact with the tenants at all throughout the agreement unless you specifically request to do so.

Should this happen, we would gain a quote for the required works through one of our skilled contractor team members and present this too you for permission to proceed, in some cases we have split the cost depending on the type of job required.

Here at SDM Property Ltd Our rent promise
We pay your rent on time, each and every month. Even if the tenants don’t.

SDM property acts as the guarantor so you are 100% secure that your rent will be paid to you in full each month.

* It’s completely stress free
* The landlord/lady is hands off from any tenant enquiries
* As the Renter has taken a lease of the property we act on behalf of you the landlord/lady
* regular property checks
* The ‘Renter’ would also take care of any damages to the property as it is their responsibility to return the property back to the landlord in the same condition as when we took it on.
* The landlord would not incur any letting, management or renewal fees. The ‘Renter’ would be expected to comply with all the numerous laws and compliance issues that an agent would generally deal with, saving the landlord time and money.

NOTHING! This service requires absolutely nothing upfront and you will not be charged during the term length either. (Unless its for major maintenance works).

SDM PROPERRTY LTD has a range of services on offer including the following:

Guaranteed rent service,
Tenant find only service,
Fully managed service,
Rent collection service.

We are based in Southampton, However we offer our services all over Hampshire and will travel further out to serve our clients.



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