Rent & Management

Management Service Charged on a monthly basis 5%
HMO Management Charged on a monthly basis 10%
Rent Collection Service Charged on a monthly basis 4%

Additional Charges Per Tenancy

If the tenant does not proceed in the application then no charges are payable.

Tenant Find Inclusive of inventory/Check Out £450.00
Deposit Registration Fee £15.00
Tenant references Includes any guarantor reference if required £25.00 per applicant

Let-Only Service

Let-Only Service - Sole Agency 35% Off First Month's Rent
Let-Only Service - Multi Agency 70% Off First Month's Rent
Tenant References including any guarantor references £25 Per Applicant
Minimum fees will apply if the let only fees of 35%/70% are below the following thresholds:
Single Room Tenancy £200.00
1 Bedroom Properties £250.00
2 Bedroom Properties £390.00
3+ Bedroom Properties £525.00

Gas/Electric Safety Certificates

Arranging Gas Safety Certificates Contractor Invoice Cost Plus: £30.00
Arranging Energy Performance Certificates Contractor Invoice Cost Plus: £30.00
Arranging Electrical Installation Condition Report Contractor Invoice Cost Plus: £30.00


Studio/One Bedroom £100.00
2 Bedrooms £120.00
3-4 Bedrooms £135.00
5+ Bedrooms £150.00

Tenancy Renewals

If tenants are required to be referenced again for the renewal of a tenancy, the standard charges of £25.00 per tenant will apply as well as any charge for deposit registration. All Fees include VAT.

6 Month Renewal £50.00
12 Month or more renewal £100.00
3-4 Bedrooms £135.00
5+ Bedrooms £150.00